0Waterfall of Milonas

The water­fall of Milo­nas is a 40m high water­fall part­way down Milo­nas Gorge which starts near the vil­lage of Schinokapsala and ends at the south coast 20 mins east of Iera­petra at Avra beach.

The water­fall is most impress­ive in spring, but even when I vis­ited in Octo­ber there was still a trickle of water and the walk itself was a nice walk and inter­est­ing exploration.

The first part of the walk is approx­im­ately 500m and is fairly steep in places (see view back down towards the road in the gal­lery) but should be man­age­able for almost every­one regard­less of foot­wear. After the ini­tial climb the second part of the walk is approx­im­ately 250m along an old con­crete irrig­a­tion chan­nel which is pretty much flat. The con­crete is easy to walk on and stays con­sist­ently level, includ­ing a couple of raised sections.

To get to the start­ing point of the main walk requires a drive (or walk) from the main coast road of a little over a mile (1.8km) on dirt road which with care can be done in most cars although an offroad vehicle would be ideal.

Milo­nas water­fall is hardly com­par­able to fam­ous water­falls around the world, but it is a good excuse for a nice walk, with some­thing to see at the end. In the peak heat of sum­mer it would be hard to jus­ti­fy the walk unless you were con­fid­ent there would be a decent water flow. Spring and Autumn are both much more suitable.

I recom­mend vis­it­ing in Spring as the walk will be at its most inter­est­ing and there is most likely to be a decent flow of water too. There are likely to be a num­ber of inter­est­ing flowers (includ­ing orch­ids) to see in spring and the smell of wild herbs is lovely.

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Map of drive and walk to Milonas waterfall

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