Maps of Crete


Crete is split into 4 regions or pre­fec­tures. There are lots of things to do in each. They don’t seem to be par­tic­u­larly mean­ing­ful to most vis­it­ors so instead we cat­egor­ise things by the resort or area of the island they are near to. The 4 pre­fec­tures are shown very approx­im­ately with the yel­low boxes on the map below.


The map below shows Crete with the main ‘areas’ of likely interest shown. These are shown with the peach and tur­quoise ovals. Each of these is lis­ted in the “regions” menu so you can find con­tent rel­ev­ant to any spe­cif­ic region if you wish to. The map also shows the major roads (purple) and a few of the smal­ler roads (light grey) needed to reach the areas shown. You can click on the map for a much lar­ger version.

Google Interactive Map

We also have an inter­act­ive google map with lots of spe­cif­ic points of interest shown in a range of cat­egor­ies. These are also lis­ted in the attrac­tions menu. Each type is shown on the map with a dif­fer­ent type of pushpin.

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