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0Boat trips and surrounding islets

Crete has near­ly 100 small­er islands sur­round­ing it and many of these can be vis­it­ed with reg­u­lar boat trips or with a pri­vate hire. Some of the islands are pro­tect­ed nation­al parks (called Kri-kri) though and can’t or should­n’t be vis­it­ed. Many of the less­er known islets are also hard to iden­ti­fy with even google maps not show­ing names. Whilst we may have some sep­a­rate pages for the most pop­u­lar islands to vis­it, here we sum­marise details for all the islands for those peo­ple who like to explore a bit fur­ther from the beat­en track
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0Crete in 1964

The Inter­net is great for turn­ing up old for­got­ten con­tent, and this is a par­tic­u­lar­ly great exam­ple — a British Pathe video of Crete from 1964. The most strik­ing thing is how much remains the same, espe­cial­ly when vis­it­ing out­side of the peak sea­son.
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0Impressive new video of Crete

A new tourism pro­mo­tion­al video for Crete grabbed our atten­tion a few days ago. A full 5 min­utes long, with pro­fes­sion­al pro­duc­tion, and authen­tic scenes. If you’re stuck at home and want a lit­tle piece of Crete in your liv­ing room, look no fur­ther.
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