0Kalamafka & Timios Stavros Chapel

Kala­mafka is an attract­ive vil­lage in the moun­tains near Iera­petra in south-east Crete. Timi­os Stav­ros Chapel which is on top of Kaste­los Hill is one of the reas­ons to vis­it. There is a bit of a climb, up 224 steps, but the view is worth the effort.

The view of Kala­mafka itself, nestled in the moun­tains, is great, and there is also a view of the Liby­an sea if you walk round to the side. There is a cafe at the bot­tom of the steps, set in an attract­ive paved square. Kala­mafka also has some pretty old houses and 2 churches. Some of the views of the Liby­an sea on the way to Kala­mafka are also stunning.

The chapel is the chapel of the stone god and there is a fest­iv­al in the vil­lage every year on the 14th Septem­ber. It is believed that the cave area has been a sac­red site for thou­sands of years, dat­ing back to Minoan times.

Photos of Kalamafka & Timios Stavros Chapel

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